About Pathways Thunder Bay

Pathways Thunder Bay respectfully acknowledges that the lands on which we live and work are the traditional lands of the Anishinabek Nation and the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850.

Pathways Thunder Bay is a unique community-based program designed to increase high school graduation rates by offering strategic programs, financial incentives and advocacy to help registered students graduate and successfully transition to post – secondary education, training or meaningful employment.

How we got here

Over the past five years the Regional Multicultural Youth Centre, and Youth Council, (RMYC), programs of Multicultural Association of Northwestern Ontario, have been committed to creating spaces for Indigenous high school students in Thunder Bay to share their needs, wants and ideas to help them find greater success in school, close the education gap facing Indigenous students and increase the opportunities for students in Thunder Bay to graduate high school.

Collectively, and loudly, these students (and their families) called for an additional after school tutoring, mentoring, leadership, and cultural program opportunities. They determined a program such as Pathways to Education would be valuable to them, and their relations.

Supported by and working in partnership with Pathways Canada, the RMYC youth members, supported by adult allies, hosted events and student gatherings collecting the feedback of hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, led paid summer youth employment programs and mapped out what existing supports were available for Indigenous youth, led workshops, food sharing and cooking programs, and piloted a tutoring program in the build-up to where we are today, ready to launch.

Programs Offered

Our Tutoring Program
Learning is easier when you have an excellent tutor. That’s why ours are experts in their fields. Pathways tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their sessions.

Mentor, Leadership and Cultural Program
Mentorship from community members, leadership from the RMYC Executive Youth Council and cultural programming delivered by Elders and Knowledge Keepers in the community.

These focus on identity, purpose, and belonging to help our students rise up and succeed!

Financial Support and Advocacy
We offer regular incentives to help our registered students get through the day to day stuff. This can include incentives for their families.

Upon successful completion of each academic year, a contribution is made to their scholarship account available to them upon graduation.

Program Information

The Regional Multicultural Youth Centre and the young people who drive the organization forward in partnership with adult allies, after piloting a Pathways to Education program in Thunder Bay for the past two years, is proud to announce the launch of Pathways Thunder Bay!

This unique community-based program, designed to increase high school graduation rates, offers weekly tutoring and a mentoring, leadership, and cultural program, in addition to financial support and advocacy to support high school students graduate and successfully transition to post – secondary education, training or meaningful employment.

While the focus of Pathways Thunder Bay is to create space for Indigenous students in the city, all grade nine students are welcome to contact us to determine if they qualify to register for the award-winning Pathways Program. Across Canada, Pathways Programs, are creating positive social change by supporting youth to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future.

Yvonne Farquhar

My name is Yvonne Farquhar. As Program Director my role is to lead the team in developing and championing the tutoring, mentorship, leadership and cultural program that is Pathways Thunder Bay. Our work is based on listening to the voices of the young people in this community who are our strongest allies!

I am an advocate, activist and leader who began my journey as a teenager in Glasgow, Scotland where I worked with youth and families and attended University. I earned an Honours Degree in Social Sciences and my Masters, equivalency, in Social Work. I continue as a registered social worker today.

I began my adventure in Thunder Bay (and Canada) in 1990. I am now a mother to one, and guardian, to two beautiful Anishinaabe young women. I have had the honour of working with, and learning from Anishinaabe youth, their families, communities and Elders for the last 31 years as a manager within the spectrum of Youth Justice.

To me education is essential, in all its forms, for personal growth and to understand ourselves in relation to all that encompasses us in this world. As such, supporting students to be the best that they can be and to overcome barriers that exist in formal education is of great importance to me. I believe in you (and can’t wait to meet you when you register for Pathways Thunder Bay)!

Boozhoo / Aaniin / Waachi’ye /Tanshi / Tungasugit/ Bonjour

Join our returning students and register today for Pathways Thunder Bay

While the focus of Pathways Thunder Bay is to create space for Indigenous students, any grade nine students are welcome to contact us to determine if they live in one of the identified neighbourhoods that we are also accepting registrations from.

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